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Inspire is an independent non-profit association. We are a team of experts that draws motivation from working together with clients and partners to find inspiring solutions to complex problems.

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Our main topics are education and participation. We are specialized in facilitating individual and realistic solutions to problems faced in good time and according to goals set and resources allocated.

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We rely on participative and interdisciplinary cooperation with diverse clients and partners.

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Please contact us if you require further information concerning our services, if you have an idea for a shared project, or if you are simply interested in getting to know us better.

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unsere Projekte / our projects

Anerkannt! 2017


SAVE THE DATE: 12.10.2017 – Labor der produktiven Begegnungen – Wenn Qualifikationen reisen! Wir versammeln Menschen aus unterschiedlichsten Bereichen und diskutieren über Berufsanerkennung, Validierung und Integration in Arbeit und Wirtschaft. Wir bieten Raum für Beteiligung, gute Gespräche und innovative Lösungen. […]

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INCLOOD – Inclusive Neighbourhoods – Researching opportunities for intercultural learning


  According to official numbers based on Eurostat, the European Union saw a record of 1,2 Million asylum seekers in 2015. This unprecedented number of people – many of them will be officially acknowledged as refugees and gain unrestricted residence […]

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Wohnungsbericht Graz 2016


Immer mehr Menschen sind vom starken Anstieg der Wohnkosten in den letzten Jahren betroffen. Damit steigt auch kontinuierlich die Zahl derer, die bei der Stadt Graz um eine städtische Wohnung ansuchen. Das Amt für Wohnungsangelegenheiten der Stadt Graz wurde vom […]

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Recognition! 2016 – Project for an easier recognition of international qualifications


We proceed our work on recognition and aim at new focuses in 2016. We strengthen on multipliers like women associations, community workers, social partners and especially potentially employers like SMEs. Our planned activities are

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Participation matters!

Participation Matters

The presence of non-national EU citizens in Member states of the EU has grown significantly in recent years, and of course Graz is also affected by this. Most of the EU-citizens in Graz come from Central and East European countries […]

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Aging with a Future in Mürztal


Aging with a future in Mürztal is an initiative by the Styrian Government and social insurance carriers financed by the health promotion fonds. It aims at an healthy, self-determined and positive aging.

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Recognition 2015! – Project for an easier recognition of international/foreign qualifications

anerkennung media centre

25% of migrants in Austria work below their educational level. Women are even more affected. Due to the lack of recognition of their qualifications they experience dequalification. Unused ressources are likely to complicate their social participation. And additionally this is […]

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Project Quicksteps – Effective, small steps and learner-centered literacy offers – aims at setting up in the its first phase a common knowledge base amongst partners to be followed by an implementation phase in a second step, which will be […]

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ShareIT – Trainers in Literacy and Basic Skills Informal Knowledge Transfer

ShareIT Conference 01

In the United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Poland, and Switzerland and other European countries academically backed up qualifications, trainings and modules for trainers in literacy and basic skills provision (reading, writing, numeracy, and use of ICT) have been developed and tested […]

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Innovative Management and Educational Practices in Elderly Centres In most European countries the lifestyle of families has changed over the past centuries: late marriages, low birth rate, increasing number of lonely and elderly people, single – parent families became prevailing […]

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