Recognition! 2016 – Project for an easier recognition of international qualifications

We proceed our work on recognition and aim at new focuses in 2016. We strengthen on multipliers like women associations, community workers, social partners and especially potentially employers like SMEs.

Our planned activities are workshops especially designed for womens organisations, an online-survey among SMEs, regional spread visits of enterprises and interventions on a low-threshold level in districts of Lend, Gries and Eggenberg in Graz.

To grant a positive culture of recognition of the Austrian society we inform the public with target-group oriented creative public relations such als short films, photo documentations and articles and posts in social media and on the Anerkannt!-webiste. Additionally we will inform via articles in other media.

Project website:

Contact: Mag.a Edith Zitz


Recognition-brunch on  11th of February 2016

As part of our work which we fulfill with passion, a dense network and a communal and at the same time cosmopolitan view we invited to a recognition-brunch on February 11th from 8:30 to 9:30. We presented our focus of work for 2016 and tried to find out some interfaces for a cooperation with our partners. We thank all who came to us and appreciate and support our efforts.